Our Staff

Richard Caron Sr.
Executive Director

Mr. Caron holds a degree in Accounting. He also received his own pardon back in 2005, so he has first-hand knowledge about the process. He has worked very closely with the Board of Pardons and Parole. He has received Citations and Proclamations from the City of Norwich for volunteering two years in a row. He is a former member of Board of Reviews/Dangerous Building Committee, A Trustee for Evans Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church in Norwich, CT. He is also a member of The Reid and Hughes building committee in Norwich and also Treasurer of the Buckingham Building Association. Mr. Caron gives of his time and financial support to many organizations, which makes him an outstanding community member. He is very faithful to God and his Church, which makes people love and respect him in all walks of life.


Mr. Caron has a love for playing pool and golf. He is an avid pool player. Email: rcaronsr@connecticutpardonteam.org


Katie C
Lead Pardon Technician/Office Manager

Amber C
Pardon Technician

Mary S
Pardon Technician

Donna D
Pardon Technician