Rhode Island Pardon/Expungement Process

In the State of Rhode Island expungements are the removal of criminal records of an offender by the courts. If an applicant’s motion for expungement is granted they can state that they have no criminal record, except in a few circumstances. The person must be a first time offender and the offense must not be a crime of violence according to Rhode Island statute. The person must also wait a period of five years after the disposition of a misdemeanor offense and ten years after the disposition of a felony to apply for a motion to expunge.

Executive Clemency or Pardon, can only be granted by the Governor of Rhode Island. There is no formal application process, but there are requirements that need to be sent with the petition. Pardons in Rhode Island are conditional and the pardon can be revoked if violated.

An expungement of criminal records or a pardon can greatly improve the future success of an individual. It can allow them to obtain employment, educational, and social opportunities that an individual may have been barred from previously.

In order to apply for an application, you must write to:

Governor: Gina M. Raimondo
Office of the Governor
State House, Room 115
Providence, RI 02903-1196

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