Pennsylvania Pardon/Expungement Process

The State of Pennsylvania offers executive clemency with the assistance of the Board of Pardons. The application is send to the Board of Pardons who reviews the application and decides on who gets a hearing. If the board grants a hearing, the hearing is public and advertised in the newspaper where the crime was committed for one week before hearing date. The board determines when they will convene, however they do meet on a regular basis and hold two (2) sessions per meeting day: one (1) morning session and one (1) afternoon session. Each case gets fifteen (15) minutes  for the application to be presented and for supporting and opposing speakers to present case. If the majority of the board votes in favor of the pardon, a recommendation is giving to the governor; if the majority of the board does not vote in favor, a referral is not sent to the governor. If a hearing is not given, the board does not send the recommendation to the governor, or the governor denies the pardon, the person must wait twelve (12) months to reapply the first time. The second time there is an unfavorable decision, the person must wait twenty-four (24) months before reapplying.

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