North Dakota Pardon/Expungement Process

The State of North Dakota has a Board of Pardons, consisting of two members of the Parole Board, the Attorney General and two others. The Board meets two times per year on the first Tuesday of April and November in the conference room of the DOCR building in Bismarck. To be considered, the application must be received 90 days prior.

Inmates with no legal remedy with the Parole Board may apply to the Pardon Board. However, if eligible for parole they are not eligible for a pardon. Any non-incarcerated offender may apply for a pardon at any time.

The Pardons Board may grant commutation, conditional pardons, pardons, remission of fine or reprieve. The Board also makes recommendations to the Governor, and all actions taken must be signed by the Governor to be made official.

After any of the above are granted, the Governor has the right to reconsider the decision at any time before the offender is released from the correctional facility. If the offender is not incarcerated, the Governor may reconsider at any time within thirty days of the initial decision. This may NOT be reviewed by a court.

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