Kansas Pardon/Expungement Process

The state of Kansas issues only a Governor’s pardon. The Governor must report every year on the pardons he has granted, but is not required to explain reasoning. After being released in the state of Kansas, a convicted person regains their right to vote, hold office, and serve on a jury. The Governor must seek the advice and recommendation of the parole board before acting. There are no eligibility restrictions.

The applicant must publish a copy of the application in a newspaper of general circulation at least 30 days prior to the application being reviewed by the Governor. A copy must also be sent to the district attorney who prosecuted the case, the judge, and the victim or members of their family. After reviewing the application, the board will send it to the governor within 120 days.

Kansas also offers expungement, which may be petitioned for three to five years after the sentence has been finished.

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