Arizona Pardon/Expungement Process

In Arizona, a person may apply for pardon through the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency who will determine if you can be recommended to the Governor. A pardon in Arizona is an act of grace which absolves the convicted felon of the legal consequences to their crime and conviction. Civil rights are restored which includes the right to possess firearms, the right to vote, the right to hold public office, and the right to sit on a jury.

The offender can also have some convictions set aside. This is done by the sentencing court. The setting aside of a conviction dismisses charges against a person after successful completion of probation or sentence and discharge.

Arizona also allows for the sealing of records for any person who was wrongfully arrested, indicted or otherwise charged for any crime. If a record is sealed, the arrest is treated as it never occurred.

The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency also conduct hearings for convicted felons applying for commutation. If granted, the action changes the penalty imposed by the court on a convicted felon to one that is less severe but does not restore civil rights.

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