Pre-Appointment Application for a Connecticut Absolute Pardon

If you’ve read through our website and would like to get started on the pardon process with us, please fill out the first part of the following form. It is followed by a checklist for things that you will need for the application. If you can fill that out as well, it helps you to get started. Once you have filled out this form and submitted it, a pardon technician will contact you to set up an appointment to begin working with us on your application. We charge a fee to guide you through the entire process. Please see this page for info

    Do you have a criminal record in CT?

    Are you currently on supervision?

    Do you have any pending charges in Connecticut or any other State or Federal jurisdiction?

    Have you received a Nolle at any time during the previous 13 months?

    Has it been three (3) years since the conviction date for your most recent Misdemeanor? (if applicable)

    Has it been five (5) years since the conviction date for your most recent Felony? (if applicable)

    Do you have any outstanding court fees, fines, Judicial motions, etc.?

    Pardon Application Checklist

    Use this checklist for reference. If you have completed any of these steps, please indicate by checking them off so that we know where you might be in the process