The Connecticut pardon Team is a non-profit organization that has provided many people an avenue to a better quality of life.  Many of our clients have gone on to successfully live the “American Dream.”  Without the Pardon Team, many of them would have been unable to attain their success. Most people are unaware that the pardon process is available or how it works.  From my personal experience, almost everyone that attempts the process needs help with the paperwork and coaching to follow through to the completion.  Our program concentrates on the individual and devotes time, energy and resources from the start of the pardon process to the end.  Our team members are personally involved in each step of the process.. The Connecticut Pardon Team was organized in 2004 and was incorporated as a non-profit entity in 2006. It was established by Jacqueline Caron and Richard A Caron Sr., both pardoned ex-offenders who have gone on to establish professional careers and become leading voices for social justice in their community.


Mr. Richard A. Caron, Sr., Executive Director  Richard

Mr. Caron  holds a degree in Accounting.  He also received his own pardon back in 2005, so he has first-hand knowledge about the process. He works very close with the Board of Pardons and Parole. He has received Citations  and Proclamations from the City of Norwich for volunteering two years in a row.  He is a former member of Board of Reviews/Dangerous Building Committee, A Trustee for Evans Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church in Norwich, CT. He is also a member of The Reid and Hughes building committee in Norwich.  He is also Treasurer of the Buckingham Building Association. Mr. Caron gives of his time and financial support to many organizations, which makes him an outstanding community member.  He is very faithful to God and his Church, which makes people love and respect him in all walks of life.  Mr. Caron has a love for playing pool and golf.  He is a avid pool player. Email:


Debra White, Admin. Asst./Pardon Technician  debra

Debra White came to volunteer to help Mr. Caron with his political campaign around the end of September, 2011. By the end of October, Mr. Caron hired her as his Secretary at the Connecticut  Pardon Team, Inc.  She learned about the functions and responsibilities that Mr. Caron expected from her in  about two weeks before going on payroll.  Coming from a legal secretarial background of close to thirty years, it was pretty easy to catch on.  As she continued to prosper, in February 2012 Mr. Caron thought that it was time for her to become involved with the Pardon Process. She is now a Pardon Technician,  as well as his Secretary.  Debra enjoys working with our participants who are seeking the pardon process, and who are looking to enhance their lives by this pardon process.  We do volunteer extra hours to do our informationals throughout the State of Connecticut.  It is rewarding to see the look on some people’s faces when they realize that they have a chance to clean up what they messed up.  Debra is also very involved in her church. She is the Director of the Christian Education Department, and a member of the Hospitality Committee. She loves working in the church and helping wherever and whenever she can.


Brenda Edwards, Pardon Technician

Brenda Edwards is a new member of the CT Pardon Team. Ms. Edwards has been hired to work as a Pardon Technician. By the end of December 2017, Ms. Edwards has her  Masters Degree in Business Administration from Colorado Tech University. She worked for the State of CT for 22 years. Ms. Edwards enjoys meeting new participants who are looking to change their lives. She will also be working on our Newsletter and our website to give updated and new information. She volunteers her services on a monthly basis to assist Debra White with the informational meetings throughout the State of Connecticut.