Hartford Public Library
Monday, January 11, 2016
500 Main Street, 2nd Floor
6:00pm – promptly
Call to Register (860) 823-1571

The Connecticut Pardon Team, Inc. is excited, as we are looking forward to the up-coming New Year.

Our ability to reach out to the communities continues to inspire us in achieving our goal which is (Providing Information and Tools to Help Change Lives).   The individuals we work with believe in themselves, display change and enthusiasm. We are happy to work side by side with them as they process the Full Pardon or Certificate of Employability.

While serving individuals with their application, we are able to help them identify with the changes that have sustained in their lives.  We enjoy providing the detailed information to better equip in presenting a thorough application.   Our monthly informationals allow us to assist communities throughout the State of Connecticut.

We continue to reach out to many agencies who have corresponded with us by e-mail and extended invitations.   We have had several agencies contact us in support of the work that we do.

We would like to extend our appreciation for keeping us in mind.   You can find out more about our informationals in The Hartford Newspaper, the Hartford Library, and on our website page.   We are grateful for your continued support in our goal to reach out to others.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and employees of The Connecticut Pardon Team, we extend thoughts of Joy and wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a prosperous and safe New Year.