christmas book1December 17, 2015

The Executive Director, Mr. Richard A. Caron., Sr. and staff would like to say thank you to the Hartford News, the only city wide community newspaper in Hartford.

The Hartford News has supported our non-profit agency in reaching our goal providing information and tools to help change lives.

With gratitude, Mr. Richard A. Caron, Sr., and staff would like to say thank you to The Connecticut Pardon Team, Inc. would like to take time to thank the Hartford News

We were able to do 8 informationals in the city of Hartford, and the Hartford news advertised our informationals in their weekly newspaper.  It helped us to keep the city of Hartford informed of the opportunities to make people aware of the pardon process and how they can move forward with their lives.

 The Connecticut Pardon Team, Inc. would like to take time to thank the Hartford News.

We look forward to working with you in the coming New Year 2016.



Upcoming Informational

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hartford Public Library, 2nd Floor

500 Main Street

Hartford, CT  06103

6:00 – Promptly

call to register (860) 823-1571

The Connecticut Pardon Team, Inc.


The Board of Directors

Extend wishes of love, peace and joy for the upcoming Christmas season and New Year.

As this year comes to a close and the start of the New Year approaches, The Connecticut Pardon Team Inc. is confident in knowing that the Connecticut agencies have been supportive.  People have been constructive in rebuilding and moving forward.

It is very important to address the situation of criminal erasure for individuals who have totally turned aside from their past lives.  We are responsive to the needs of the communities, and will continue to do our best in reaching out.

Mr. Caron has a strong passion to empower lives with the application for a Connecticut Full Pardon or Certificate of Employability.  He continues to appeal to readers through our weekly newsletters, e-mails, correspondence, as well as in person at our monthly informationals. We know that the erasure of your record will enhance your life and stabilize your future providing new opportunities and a second chance.

We earnestly look forward to working with you and we send greetings for a wonderful and pleasant holiday to all.


Richard A. Caron, Sr, Executive Director

Debra White, Admin. Asst/Pardon Technician

Mary Smith, Pardon Technician

Dolores Fess, Pardon Technician